About Me

My name is Stephen Weber and I am based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and my attraction to motorsport, dirt biking in particular, has been a lifelong interest. I have been involved in dirt biking from a young age and have competed at various levels of the sport for many years. While photography is a fairly new passion of mine, I have really grown to enjoy it. When I was still racing, obtaining my event photographs from the various photographers was always a must for me and my mates and my aim is to make these memories available at an affordable price to those still competing in the sport. I aim to provide a first class photography service, adopting a quality over quantity approach.

My images are taken with CANON Professional Digital equipment so quality is assured, whatever the medium or image size. As I am a one man show, my overheads are low so you will find my rates highly competitive.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. See you at the next event!